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What will you grow?

We are witnessing a shift in the relationship between ourselves and our food;
We’re becoming more mindful of the path our food travels, from farm to fork
and of the impact it leaves on our bodies and the world in which we live.

Start living, sunny side up.

We brought together some of the best engineers in the industry
to design a Chicken Coop that makes it easy to enjoy your
chickens, and for them to enjoy their home.

chicken house
chicken house
chicken house
chicken house structure

What goes down must come up.

Growing your own veggies is the best way to get fresher and more nutritious food onto your plate. But, there’s something more that grows between a garden and its gardener, and we want to help you experience it for yourself.

God Save The Queen

Honey bees are amazingly complex, but caring for them doesn't have to be. Now, you can spend more time enjoying this magnificent species, and less time doing buzzy work.

Our Story

SummerHawk Ranch is located in one of the agriculture capitals of the world, and is named after our CEO Larry Duncan's home in the hills of Central California .

As a young man, Larry helped with the summer harvest on the family farm in North Dakota, and has surrounded himself with nature and wildlife ever since.

He, his wife Sharon, and their children Hawk and Summer have lived on SummerHawk Ranch for the last 22 years, where they raise chickens, tend a large garden and a couple of beehives, and care for many animals of all types, from reptiles to zebra.

SummerHawk Ranch is the newest division of the family-owned Duncan Enterprises, which has been a leader in the DIY Market for Creative A rts for 70 years. When Larry learned about the emerging DIY Farm & Garden movement, he saw the perfect opportunity to leverage the strengths of our business and his passion into an organization that helps others experience the same joy that his lifestyle has brought to him.