Saving just one horse will not change the world, but it will change the world for that one horse.
Please adopt a rescue whenever possible

The horses here are for sale, for lease or for adoption
Prices are never the factor, a good home trumps price any day.

 JC is an X-race horse. He is 12 years and about 16.3 hh. We just picked him up this month from Riverside Animal Regulation and he is quite the nice guy. Would make someone very happy as an english prospect. This is a diamond in the rough. Adoption Price is $350.00.

Dunny is a 20+ Paint mare looking for a good home.  She is best for a light intermediate rider.  We are looking for a home that is very light riding and she would make the best buddy for another horse.  She is for adoption and her adoption fee is $350.00 to aproved and signed contract home only.  She may be showing signs of early ringbone in one front foot.  Only a little off if she is let stand for any time.  Needs to walk around. 

Cowboy is a 19+ Gelding Apendix Quarter Horse.  Goes english or western.  For strong imtermediate rider.  Adoption Price is $350.00 OBO.   

Fancy is a 7 year old QuarterX mare.  She has been in training with the top trainer Celie Weston now for three months.  She is doing great and will make a great trail horse with just a little more time.  She is also very fast and could barrel race.  Best for an experienced rider.  Has been mostly ridden western.  Could go english also.  Very nice put together mare and ready for a new home.  Price: $1,000.00 OBO 

Shania is a 9 year old T-Bred X mare.  This is one of my favorite horses.  We have not put her through training as of yet except she is good with all ground work.  She will make a wonderful horse cause she is very smart and loves to please.  And she is nice to look at also.  Looking for a home that can finish her training and enjoy what she has to offer.  Adoption Price: $350.00 

 Nacho is a 20+ grade horse that we think worked on a rental string.  He is such a nice boy and will make anyone happy to own him.  He can be ridden by an intermediate rider but with a little more time in saddle and I think he will be just fine for a beginner.  His adoption price is $350.00